2022 in Review: Leftists promoted Marxism on campus

​Marxism continues to thrive on college campuses. Below are notable examples from this year:

Marxism continues to thrive on college campuses. Below are notable examples from this year: 

1. University of Florida names study room after Karl Marx

The University of Florida named a study room after Marx. The room served as a  “collaborative study space.” 

The plaque that dedicated the space to Marx reads that Marx was a "philosopher, radical economist, and revolutionary critic." There are several other study rooms, but the Marx room had the most space for occupancy. 

2. Socialist students hold 'Why We Are Marxists' event

The Students for Socialist Revolution at Case Western Reserve University, back in September, had an event called “Why We are Marxist.” The event was an hour-and-a-half meeting. 

At the time of Campus Reform reporting, the club had 41 members and 5 officers. The group's support for socialism is part of a trend that has grown increasingly larger in recent years among younger people. According to a YouGov poll, as of 2019 more than a third of millennials approve of communism. 

3. Q&A: Club president, daughter of communism victim speaks about vandalized display

At Georgetown University, a senior named Jessica Costenscu organized an anti-communist display on campus in early November. It was vandalized with drawings of the hammer and sickle. 

Costescu, who had a father who escaped Soviet Russia, helped put on the display commemorating victims of communism. 

The flags that were posted stated things such as “communism kills” and people had vandalized the the display with every poster.

Costescu said it was very “discouraging and sad” that people would be in favor of communism after everything the world has been through with the ideology. 

4. WATCH: 'Marxist-Leninist' revolutionaries forecast 'bloodshed' at pro-abortion protest

At Syracuse University in New York, socialist students at a pro-choice protest told Campus Reform to expect “bloodshed.” 

A graduate student, Katie Mott, spoke to Campus Reform and said that she “firmly believes we need a socialist society and in order to do that we need a revolution.” 

Mott added that “will there be some bloodshed? Certainly. We gotta take back out power.”