The Weekly Roundup: good for the liberalism that ails you

Monday, 12 September

ASU ‘white privilege’ lecturer says Trump 'trying to return to white dominance'

It’s not as though the founder of the “White Privilege Conference” could be expected to give any other answer...which is basically our point.

New book claims social justice interfering with academics

Y’know, it can be rather difficult to be an effective “agent for change” from behind the window of a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Perhaps college students should indulge their passions in the same way that everyone else does: during their free time.

9/11 posters vandalized at Florida

If displaying images of terrorist attacks is “promoting Islamophobia,” then whose fault is that? The person who posts the pictures, or those depicted therein?

‘Black Students for Revolution’ rally against tuition, Greek life

When a group includes the word “revolution” in its name, it’s a safe bet that even the “revolutionaries” don’t have a particularly firm grasp of the cause.

We particularly enjoyed their rant about “the logical outcome of toxic masculinity,” given that the only thing “logical” about the sentence was the inclusion of that word.

DUPED: liberal LSU students try to boycott Milo, but fall for fake tickets

As a consolation prize, though, Campus Reform would like to offer all the affected students steeply-discounted Super Bowl tickets.

Tuesday, 13 September

NCAA pulls championship games from NC to protest transgender bathroom law

Now, if only they would cut it out with that horribly discriminatory men’s and women’s sports thing...

Brown, WUSTL follow UC’s lead in rejecting ‘safe spaces’

Hey, when your students are complaining their coursework is cutting into their activism, 

Berkeley forced to cancel anti-Israel course promoting ‘decolonized Palestine’

If only the school had followed its own procedures for vetting new courses, rather than blindly approving it so as to avoid the ire of the SJP.

Wednesday, 14 September

TAMU students use Trump piñata to call for mandatory ‘Racial Justice’ course

Like everything else about their position, though, they got the piñata part backward.

‘#CocksNotGlocks’ protesters call pro-2A video a ‘threat’

Apparently the lead actress looks kinda-sorta like one of the thousands of students who have protested campus carry.

By the same logic, we submit that all Dennis Quaid films are threats against Harrison Ford.

Thursday, 15 September

CUNY confirms SJP anti-Semitism, but declines to ban group

You see, racism is only bad when it’s not directed at Jews...

Ithaca enters trigger warning debate

It would be best if the school just puts a trigger warning before every word. Actually, every letter - we don’t know about you, but every time we read the letters “p” and “r,” regardless of context, we think of the omnipotent “patriarchy” and omnipresent “rape culture.”

UC profs disavow Dean’s free speech letter, endorse safe spaces

Make sure you cram all of those 168 faculty signatures in there. We wouldn’t want any of you to miss the opportunity to virtue-signal.

Pro-speech perspectives absent from DePaul ‘free speech’ series

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you adopt the correct opinion that free speech and that whole ‘First Amendment’ thing are bad.

Friday, 16 September

Yale admin hopes to move beyond Halloween costume controversy

Let’s hope the Yalies are able to handle offensive ideas this year. If not, one Harambe costume may be enough to set off a mass-triggering event.

Student gov exec calls criticism of Kaepernick ‘un-American’

Orwell would commend this doubleplusgood doublethink.

VIDEO: Georgetown students say Constitution outdated, overrated

Bro, freedom is like soooo 1787.

Course contract: don’t ‘hook up’ with classmates, instructor

Hear that, frat boys? Your only reason to join this class is now moot.