Biden administration may extend student loan payments again

The Biden administration is considering extending a pause on student loan payments.

The decision comes on the heels of a federal judge ruling its debt cancelation plan unconstitutional.

The Biden Administration is reportedly in talks of once again freezing student loan payments.

The preparation to re-freeze payments comes as a result of a federal appeals court in Texas declaring that Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan is an “unconstitutional exercise.”

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White House officials are now planning to work around the legal obstacles that have been thrown their way.

“Although the Biden administration has vowed to defend the program in court, White House officials have in recent days discussed the possibility of extending the debt freeze again if they are unable to move forward with the president’s initial program,” The Washington Post reported.

It is not confirmed that this extension will be implemented.

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This is not the first time a freeze on student loan payments has been made by the Biden administration. 

Campus Reform reported in April the administration decided to halt payments until Aug. 31. This was the second extension the Biden administration granted after originally scheduling payments to resume in February.

Campus Reform reached out to the White House for comment and this article will be updated accordingly.

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