The Weekly Roundup: Stop punching us!

Monday 6 February

BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Campus Rape Frenzy’

What happens when gender relations are viewed as a zero-sum game.

Clemson profs go on hunger strike against executive order

They do realize, we hope, that setting an end date for a hunger strike more or less defeats the purpose...

‘Leftist Fight Club’ trains UCF students to fight Republicans

Forgot show trials; these kids don’t even need a forced confession in order to dole out their own brand of justice.

College prez offers full ride to refugee in response to Trump EO

But the scholarship can only be offered if the executive order is rescinded, at which point it’s kind of meaningless, no?

Student senators under fire for bill abolishing safe spaces

Shouldn’t they be immune from hearing opposing viewpoints until the resolution passes? After all, at this point the school still does have “safe spaces.”

UNF strikes workshops on polyamory, sex toys from Sex Week

Apparently, exploring “ethical non-monogamy as an alternative to cheating” just wasn’t in keeping with the event’s educational mission.

College suspends classes for events on privilege, ‘sports culture’

Clearly, they’ve not lost sight of their mission to prepare students for success in the real world.

Tuesday 7 February

UCF socialist compares ‘Leftist Fight Club’ to trapshooting

How could anybody be upset at the idea of “bashing” one’s classmates when the Republicans are using “GUNS”?

TPUSA deemed ‘direct threat,’ denied recognition at Santa Clara

Well, any group that supports free speech probably is a “direct threat” to the liberal order.

UCI student gov letter demands sanctuary for criminals

At least they aren’t beating around the bush anymore.

Colorado legislators seek to outlaw campus ‘free speech zones’

Watch out! Before you know, people will be expressing themselves all over the place!

Yale petition: open ‘privileged’ all-male glee club to women

...and nevermind whether it destroys the all-female glee club in the process.

Which evokes the question: What’s so wrong with the all-female group that everybody is obsessed with joining the Whifflepoofs, instead?

Protesters disrupt pro-life event at GWU, rip up sign

Defensive much?

Socialist group at UCF plans ‘Whack-a-Trump Pinata’ event

It’s quite possible these broke college students are just hoping money will fall out.

Wednesday 8 February

Prof: ‘people are going to die’ because of white Trump voters

This type of melodrama is usually reserved for soap operas.

Student loses job for failure to promote social justice agenda

Seriously. That was practically taken verbatim from her performance review.

Petition calling Trump EO ‘un-American’ signed by 30K+ profs

Has the entire Academy turned off its irony filter?

Berkeley students condone violent reactions to ‘hate speech’

Sticks and stones, children. Sticks and stones...

Students demand profs be ‘vetted’ for ‘inclusivity’

And yet these same students find the very idea of “vetting” potential immigrants to be positively abhorrent.

What do they have against their professors, one wonders.

MD College Dem prez challenges ‘regressive left’ to embrace free speech

Instead, his companions just disowned him, proving his point in the process.

Columbia students to protest Israeli UN Ambassador

Of course, their real target is Trump, but it seems they’re just too lazy to venture far from campus to make their statement.

Thursday 9 February

REPORT: Bias Response Teams oversaw nearly 3M students in 2016

That’s a lot of eggshells...

College to host ‘anti-bias’ workshop targeting toddlers

Social justice education takes best when it precedes the development of a child’s critical faculties.

CSUF prof allegedly assaults conservative student on campus

Was that part of the lesson plan?

CSUSM issues warning about ‘graphic anti-abortion display’

Of course. We wouldn’t want anybody to feel bad about their decision to murder an infant, now would we?

UW ignores own research, hosts ‘implicit bias’ workshop

Yeah, but it feels as though they’re accomplishing something...

Berkeley defends police passivity during anti-free speech riot

To be fair, if the police had responded the students surely would have cried ‘police brutality!’

Friday 10 February

Chicago Sex Week filled with flogging, petplay, rope bondage

Was this intentionally in conjunction with the release of 50 Shades Darker? Or just a coincidence?

Cornell student gov rejects ideological diversity bill

Ah, the one type of diversity that liberals simply can’t tolerate.

MAP: Campus free speech bills gaining steam nationwide

But there are still 44 states where ambitious legislators can make a name for themselves...

Profs threaten to leave state if Iowa restricts union rights

Good riddance?

‘Black-on-black murder is not a thing,’ Regis presenter claims

Perhaps it just depends on what one’s definition of “is” is.

AAUP condemns student journalists for accurate reporting

Gee, why on Earth would professors be so concerned about people finding out what they tell their students?

Pepperdine removes Columbus statue, then Columbus impersonator

The impersonator put up less of a fight.

Saturday 11 February

BLM organizers trash Trump, police in campus lectures

That schtick is so stale as to be indigestible at this point.